Step 1:


  • Regulate our metabolism
  • Suppress our hunger during the day
  • Boost our energy so we could focus and increase our productivity.
  • Lose  unhealthy body fat by replacing it with healthy muscles. 

Step 2:

The second important step is detoxify our bodies. 

  • remove the harmful toxins in our body
  • remove walls of aged sludge in our colon
  • lose unhealthy body fat that exercise couldn’t
  • reduce blood pressure and cholesterol levels

The Results of Healthy Diet Routine

From September 8, 2008 until May 2009, Iris weigh 103 lbs, down from 154 lbs – lost mostly fat; blood pressure down to 106 – 124/60 -76 from 160/100; normal cholesterol level from high; blood sugar 80 – 110 from Type II Diabetes with blood sugar 130 – 160; from having terminal Ovarian Cancer with metastasis to her lymph nodes (right & left armpits, right breast, breast bone, right neck) life expectancy until December 2008, to May 2009 – by the grace of God, Iris is healing good and almost completely healed if not for an opportunistic pneumonia – a complication of a weaken immune system secondary to the devastating side effects of traditional treatment of surgeries and chemotherapy!

Robert weighs 137 lbs down from 168 lbs; blood pressure 102 – 116/60 – 74 from 140 – 170/90 – 100; cholesterol 120 from 348; triglycerides 80 from 186; fasting blood sugar 73 – 90 from 106 – 110 a prediabetic or type II Diabetes; no more chest pressure when under stress. For myself, I was completely healed of diabetes, hypertension, arthritis, high cholesterol, coronary artery disease which cause chest pain and potential heart attack, and prostate enlargement.

We hope our story provides motivation to help you.


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