FIRST:    Let’s share what we’ve learned about the relationships between "Healers/Doctors" and those of us "Diseased Seeking Health".
In conventional or traditional medical practices, the relationships between "doctors" and "patients" involves the patient "handing over" to the physician our "diseases" and hence the responsibility for its resolution. In this situation, the "patient" becomes "passive recipent" rather than "active participant" for healing to begin.
EXAMPLE:    In 2001, Iris was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer Stage 3. Treatment consisted of Total Abdominal Hysterectomy, after surgical incision has healed, six sessions of chemotherapy = Taxol and Carboplatin was given every 3 weeks. Her tumor marker CA125 went from 245 down to below 34 normal range. Iris cleared of cancer went into remission. Our Oncologist told us that if Iris is cancer free over 5 years, she is considered cured.
Dietary Advice of our Oncologist = Iris could eat anything, no restrictions.
Follow Up Checks: Tumor Markers CA125 every 3 months were normal.
Recurrence of Ovarian Cancer = October 2007 CA125= 47 ; needle biopsy of right armpit, and right breast positive for Ovarian Cancer Stage 4 a terminal diagnosis. Iris started on 7 sessions of chemotherapy: Taxol and Carboplatin every 3 week until February 27, 2008. However, CA125 remains abnormal. MRI confirmed the cancer metastasized in right and left armpit nodes, right breast.
Treatment: Modified Radical Mastectomy; after surgical incision healed our Oncologist prescribed Radiation Therapy and another 7 sessions of Taxol and Carboplatin chemotherapy. This treatment is not to cure my wife of cancer, rather it is only a palliative treatment to buy time. Estimated life span of my wife is maximum of 1 year until December 2008.
WE REFUSED THIS TREATMENT AND DECIDED TO TAKE CONTROL OF OUR HEALING WITH GOD. God leads us to An Oasis Of Healing in Mesa, Arizona by Dr. Thomas Lodi.
Please check Iris’s Medical Timeline = Our journey from diseased to healing.

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