August 30, 2001   = I was diagnosed with Ovarian Cancer.
September 5, 2001 until September 12, 2001 = total abdominal hysterectomy, pathology report: stage 3 Ovarian Cancer; prognosis = about 10% cure
November 2001 until February 2002 = Traditional treatment of chemotherapy: Taxol and Carboplatin every three weeks for a total of six sessions.
Outcome:    I went into remission for about six years.
February 2007 =  While on vacation in the Philippines I felt a small lump in my right armpit. Upon arrival in California, my doctor treated it as potential infection with antibiotics. My lump didn’t respond. So my doctor decided to monitor it for any significant change. So I was checked  every three months.
September – October 2007 = I felt the lump becoming larger and tender, plus I noticed change in my right breast. Biopsy confirmed recurrence of my Ovarian Cancer with Metastasis to my Lymph Nodes in my right and left armpits, right neck, breast. My Oncologist treated me with seven rounds of Chemotherapy: Taxol and Carboplatin every three weeks.

January until February 2008 = My tumor marker went down to 49 ( normal is below 34) inspite of my chemotherapy. So whole body CT Scan, later MRI of my right breast confirmed aggressively spreading Ovarian Cancer.
March 7, 2008     =  I had Modified Radical Mastectomy. My Oncologist recommended Radiation and another Seven Rounds of Chemotherapy as palliative treatment. My husband and I refused this treatment as the side effects will kill me sooner than the cancer. My surgical incisions healed without complications.
May 12, 2008 = Scheduled to fly to New York with my brothers and sisters. About 5:00 a.m. I was short of breath, my heart rate fast, so my brother Nilo advised me not to go. My husband took me to Kaiser Harbor City emergency room. Ultrasound confirmed large Pleural Effusion around my heart. I was taken by ambulance to Kaiser Sunset for emergency heart surgery to drain the fluid. I drained a total of almost 900 cc of bloody fluids. My surgeon told me had I flown to New York, I could have sustained a fatal cardiac arrest in flight. God saved me and gave me a second chance.
May 18, 2008 = I was discharged from the hospital. I missed our vacation and cruise from May 22 until June 8, 2008. It didn’t matter, I am alive.
June until July 2008 = I was recuperating without complication. However, pain is a daily challenge. My husband and I notice several small tumors are growing outside my breast incisions, in my right armpit, right neck, and I noticed a change in my swallowing and voice. One night my pain was so bad and progressive became severe, I was crying for a least a couple of hours, then God’s whisper in my ears to take tylenol. My husband promptly gave me tylenol and in a few seconds I fell asleep. My doctor prescribed Fantanyl Patch to manage my pain. It took my pain away but I lost my appetite and became very weak. One morning I woke up I told my husband I am dying. Bob took the fantanyl patch off and we prayed for God’s mercy and guidance.
August 8, 2008 = Alternative Cancer Therapy search in the internet, God directed us to Perth, Australia for Radiowave Therapy.
August 11, 2008 = We flew from LAX to MLA, arrived on the 13th stayed with my brother Nilo.
August 16, 2008 = We flew from MLA to HK then to Perth, Australia, rested on the 17th. Watery diarrhea and severe pain made my flight miserable. On the night of our arrival I prayed to God to stop my diarrhea so I could have my treatment. God delivered and it stopped.
August 18, 2008 = Clinic orientation. My tumor markers CA 125 = 1,830 (almost 7 times as much since January 2008)
August 19, 2008 = First treatment: Intravenous infusion of GFI to attract cancer cells, then application of high frequency of radiowave to my body which generate body heat for 21 minutes. I tolerated it.
August 20, 2008 = Second treatment was a struggle for me but I completed it.
August 21, 2008 = Third treatment was difficult. Midway in my treatment, I became short of breath and almost ready to pass out. The doctor stopped it, and recommend CT Scan.
August 22, 2008 = My CT Scan confirmed my right neck tumors affected the right carotid sheath, impeding blood flow to my brain causing me to have TIA (mini-strokes). We mutually agreed to terminate my treatment.
August 24, 2008 = Left Perth, Australia for Manila dissappointed. However, without my knowledge my son Geoff and my husband contacted Dr. Thomas Lodi – An Oasis Of Healing in Mesa, Arizona for an appointment on September 8, 2008.
August 25 – 30, 2008 = Rest and recuperation at my brother Nilo, daily pain, nausea and vomiting makes me feeling miserable.
August 31, 2008 = Left MLA to LAX.
September 1 – 6, 2008 = Rest and recuperation at home in Carson. Daily pain, poor appetite, nausea and vomiting is part of my daily struggle.
September 7, 2008 = We left LAX for Mesa, Arizona. Stayed at the Best Western, then transferred to Marriott Hotel close to the clinic.
September 8, 2008 = We met Dr. Thomas Lodi and his staff. His first words are: Iris, God will heal you, I am just his messenger. He is the first and only doctor that I have met that told me the truth. This is how God will heal you.
          #1. Stop making Cancer = Change your diet from cooked food/meat to raw fruits and green vegetables – green juices
          #2. We will help you kill your cancer, while we protect your healthy cells: NAC, IPT, Minerals; ALA, high dosage of
                Vitamin C; Ozone, Intracellular Nutrition, H202, Mg+; Chelation; Colonics, Lymphatic Massages, etc.
          #3.  We will help you rebuild your immune system by doing all these – Spiritual healing
BASELINE: PET Scan, Lab works done. My tumor markers CA 125 is 2,986
September 9 – 12, 2008 = After 3 days of treatment, noticeable shrinkage of my tumors tells me God is healing me.
September 15 – 21, 2008 = Started my green juice feast. M – F treatments. My tumor markers CA125 is 3,218.
September 22 – 24, 2008 = Second week of juice feast. Having problem with my PortaCath.
September 25, 2008 = Trip to Carson, Ca, appointment with Dr. Richard Guest to fix my PortaCath
September 30, 2008 = Third week of juice feast. Dr. Guest fixed my PortaCath.
October 3, 2008 = Resumed my treatment, and continued my juice feast. I am feeling good and strong.
October 5, 2008 = Today is the 21st day of my green juice feast. My treatment is progressing.                                                  CA125 is down to 1,937, shrinkage of my tumors is showing progress.
October 6 – 12, 2008 = With my treatment, I continue drinking at least 2 Quarts of green juice daily, 
 eating raw food. However, I am getting tired of drinking green juice so I cut it down to just 3/4 quart.
October 20, 2008 = My hemoglobin is down to 10, I got Procrit, and Neupogen for my WBC.                                                CA125 is down 1,394; then inadvertently repeated on October 21, CA125 is down to 1,174. I am still
 drinking 3/4 quart of green juice. My husband is showing frustration with me.
October 27 – 31, 2008 = I continue to drink just 3/4 quart green juice, eating raw fruits and vegetables. 
My CA125 is down to 899 and I continue to feel good.
October 31- November 2, 2008 = Back to Carson, Ca for Holloween weekend. I refused to 
to drink my green juice & tired ofeating raw food. I saw my family eating cooked food, yummy!!!!!!
November 3 – 9, 2008 = Monday I stopped drinking green juice. I am having problem eating raw food.
Bob prepare food for me and encouraged me. He read scriptures and talk to me about how God bless
and healing me. My tumor markers CA125 continue to drop, now 721. My treatments continue as
scheduled, I am getting anemic, appetite is poor, Bob said I am only eating about 50% of my meals, no green
no green juice. I am getting depressed and very weak. Went to church, could hardly walk from our car 
to church, I do not have energy.
November 10, 2008 = My nurse checked my hemoglobin, it was 11. My husband told me it is not my anemia 
that is making me feel weak and without energy to speak, walk, etc. It is because I stopped drinking green 
juice. Bob spoke to my doctor, nutritionist, and nurses for counseling about what green juice does for me.
NOTE:  After treatment at our condo after drinking about 1/2 quart of green juice I felt energized. I
resumed drinking about 2 quarts of green juice.My energy level picked up, and so with my
                              My CA125 is now down to 526.
November 11 – 16, 2008 = My treatments is progressing good. My husband and I rested at our condo.
November 17 – 23, 2008 =  My tumor marker CA125 is down to 439, about 87 points less. Noticed 
drop rate has slowed down because I stopped drinking my green juice. Bob encouraged me 
to drink my green juice. I am having difficulty drinking it, by God’s grace I am able to drink at least 
2 quarts daily. Ideally, I am suppose to drink at least 3 to 4 quarts daily, like I did on my juice fast.
November 21 – 23, 2008 = Bob and I flew home in Carson, California for the weekend. My brothers 
and sisters visited. I continue to drink my 2 quarts of green juice daily and eat raw food. 
I am getting use to my green juice.
November 24 – 26, 2008 = Bob and I flew back to Mesa, Arizona for my treatment. My CA 125
is down to 365, a 74 points drop. 
November 26 – 30, 2008 = Bob and I flew back home for Thanksgiving weekend. I stayed on 
2 quarts of green juice plus my raw diet of organic fruits and vegetables. The most difficult part is 
is watching everyone eat traditional foods. By God’s grace I survive.
December 1 – 7, 2008 = My tumor marker CA125 is down to 331, a mere 34 points drop. Bob and 
I met with Dr. Lodi for progress report. I am disappointed with the slowed drop of my tumor markers.
Dr. Lodi suggested to try to go back to my juice fast (21 days of juice fast before) or maybe
a shorter or intermittent one. Also I notice my tumor in my breast are hurting. Dr. Thomas 
inject Procaine into my tumors which didn’t help, got worst. Dec. 3rd I had an accupuncture and 
laser therapy by Dr. Wiritello. I am on my 2.5 quarts of green juice, plus two shots of wheat
grass daily. I am getting adjusted with my raw diet and juices again. I still have my ups and                                                     downs, by God’s grace I am doing better. Had accupunture Dec. 4th with some pain relief.
Saturday was a painful day, manage to drink 3 quarts of green juice, Bob and I went to
church, didn’t finish service, felt weak and lightheaded, took pain and sleep medication, slept


December 8 – 14, 2008 = Monday had early accupuncture, my pain level down from 10 to 2-3/10; fasting today for my NAC, IPT, and Complex Minerals. Had addition pain management medication: Lidocaine Gel and DMSO gel applied to my tumors with good relief. My tumor markers CA125 is 249 down only 82 points about 25% reduction. Drinking my 3 quarts of green juice.

December 15 – 21, 2008 = Monday is my NAC, IPT, Complex Minerals day. My CA125 185 went down 64 points a 26% decrease from last Monday. Bob and I met with Dr. Lodi to reassess my IPT. I feel very motivated and I took this as a challenge with God on my side. As usual, Tuesday I had my lymphatic massage, vitamin  C 500mg and 110 grams, plus ALA. I went through it without problem. I had 2 shots of Wheat Grass juice and 2 quarts of green juice today. My day went well by God’s grace. I also had Colonic with probiotic today with very good results. Thursday is my ozone therapy, ICN and Mg+. It went well. Friday is another vitamin C and ALA day, repeated my tumor markers CA125 to assess how my cancer response to my treatment. Afterward, Anna, Dan, James and Tiffany, and us went to Maureen house and ate dinner. It was a tiring but fun day. Saturday, we had our telephone and Internet Access installed. I was feeling fine until we went to church. In church I felt dizzy, nauseated and vomited. We went home feeling lousy and weak. Inspite of it all, God is always faithful, delivered me of my problems. Sunday – Bob and I went to Blue Nile to eat. There we met Dan & Ana, also Patrick, together we ate a delicious raw lunch. We went to Walmart to shop for clothes – my clothes are too baggy. I used to weigh 154 lbs, now down to 124 lbs but looking and feeling healthier. It was a fun but tiring day.

December 22 – 28, 2008 = Last Friday’s tumor marker CA125 is 147 down by 38 points . or 21% reduction. My doctor said this is not unusual. Today is Monday = NAC, IPT w/ DCA, Complex Minerals, repeated my CA125 prior my treatment. Tuesday, I had Lymphatic Massage and my usual exercises, then had high dose of Vitamin C 500mg Plus 110 grams, and ALA.  I did very well. My CA 125 is 118 a decrease of 29 points or 20%. Wednesday is another IPT w/ Topotecan my 3rd dose. After treatment, we flew back home to Carson, California to praise and thank God for healing me of cancer.

December 29, 2008 – Jan. 4, 2009 = back to continue my treatment: Monday: complete lab works including my tumor marker CA125 are drawn prior to my 4th Topotecan on Tuesday. Today I had Vitamin C 500 mg + 110 grams, and ALA. My day went very well. Nausea and vomiting at night. Tuesday= my CA125 went down to 63 a decrease of 55 points. Dr. Lodi, Dr. Alexander, Bob and I reviewed results and decided to stop Topotecan. Went to Banner for type and crossmatch for two units of blood (red blood cells), and two units of Platelets to correct my anemia and low platelets. Wednesday = 8:30 a.m. at Banner for my transfusion. I feel disappointed on one hand, but optomistic that this is God’s plan for my healing. I am happy to be still alive (my traditional Oncologist told me I might not live pass December 2008).

January 5 – 11, 2009 = Monday Vitamin C 500mg + 110 grams; ALA; CA125 & other labs day started tired, energetic p.m. Tuesday is NAC, New IV Supplements, IPT, Complex Minerals; CA125 = 56 only down by 7 points  or 11%  – feeling better, lymphatic and colonic tx; Wednesday = Repeat of Monday treatment; drinking 1.5 quarts of green juice, eating raw diet; Thursday = Ozone X2, Hyper ICN, Magnesium; a little tired but okay; Friday = NAC, IPT, C.M.; Saturday is Chelation = removal of heavy metals;

January 12 – 17, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 99 up by 43 points; have lymphatic massage, Vit. C 500mg + 110 grams, ALA; 2 shots of Wheat Grass, 1.5 quarts green juice; feeling somewhat tired today. Nurse visited = my WBC is very low = neupogen injection, plus IV levaquin antibiotic for prophylaxis, went to ER for 2 units of Platelets due to low platelets (12); discharged next day about 1:30 p.m. platelets up to 67; went to clinic to have NAC, IPT, CM – went through procedures well. Wednesday = treatment same as Monday, Thursday = fast, NAC, IPT, CM, 2 shots WG, 1.5 quarts GJ; Friday = infusion clinic for 2 units of Platelets to boost my platelets; Saturday = Ozone therapy, ICAN, H2O2, despite a hectic week I feel strong and good.

January 19 – 25, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 70 down by 29 points or a reduction of my cancer marker by 29% from last Monday. Great news!!! I had my usual Monday through Friday treatments. I praise and thank God for healing me. Saturday = went to church, felt dizzy in church – postural hypotension – I need to drink more juice and water to correct this problem.

January 26 – February 1, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 64 down by 4 points or 6% from last Monday; went through my usual Vitamin C, ALA, lymphatic massage and colonic with probiotic implant; Tuesday = infusion clinic for 2 units of platelets, then back to Dr. Lodi for my NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT, and Complex Minerals; Wednesday = Ozone therapy, ICAN, H2O2; Thursday = NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT, CM, lympatic massage. Friday = repeat of Monday’s treatment. I woke up feeling great, energetic and full of enthusiam.

February 2 – 8, 2009 = Monday CA125= 55 down by 9 points or 14% from last Monday;  last week due to bone morrow depression; usual Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, Lymphatic Massage and Colonic on Monday and Wednesday, NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT, and Complex Minerals on Tuesday; Switched: Ozone, ICAN, Mg+ on Thursday and direct admit in Mercy Gilbert Medical Ctr. for 3 units of RBC transfusion due to symptomatic anemia secondary to IPT, discharged 1630 Friday so I will have my NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT, Complex Minerals on Saturday.

February 9 – 15, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 48 down by 7 points or 13% from last Monday; tumors in my right breast have shrunk, neck, armpit continue to shrink making me happy because pain is gone; had usual colonic and lympatic massage, Vitamin C, ALA; Tuesday= fast, NAC, DCA/Nutrition, and Complex Minerals; my platelets are low at 25, had 2 units of platelets at the infusion center; Wednesday = same treatment as Monday; Thursday = Colonic w/ implant, NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT without Gemzar, Complex Minerals, neupogen injection for low WBC; Friday= Fast, O3, ICAN, H2O2, O3, Mg+ did well; Saturday = Chelation for heavy metals, rest and rejuvenate; Sunday = God Holy Scriptures.

February 16 – 22, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 43 up by 5 points or 10% from last Monday, however, other indicators show very good improvement –  I had my usual Vitamin C, ALA, lymphatic massage; Tuesday = Fast, NAC, DCA/Nutrtition, CM; Wednesday = repeat Vit. C, ALA; Thursday = Fast, lympatic and colonic, NAC, DCA/Nutrition, IPT w/o Gemzar, CM; Friday = Fast, O3, ICAN, H2O2, O3; Saturday = Chelation for removal of heavy metals, rest – backaches; Sunday = MgS04 soak for detox, rest day.

February 23 – March 1, 2009 =   Monday CA125= 50 up by 7 point from last Monday, continue to show very good improvement although marker is up and down; had usual high dose of Vitamin C, ALA; Tuesday NAC, DCA, IPT w/o Gemzar therapy; Wednesday repeat high dose of Vitamin C, ALA; Thursday repeat NAC, DCA, IPT w/o Gemzar; Friday Ozone, ICAN therapy, Saturday chelation – church; Sunday rest and relaxation – good week no transfusion.

March 2 – 8, 2009 = Monday CA125 = 41 points down about 9 points or 18% from last Monday, had lymphatic massage early, then high dose of Vitamin C, ALA, continue to eat raw diet and green juice; Tuesday had Ozone, ICAN, H202, MG+; Wednesday fast, had NAC, DCA, IPT w/o Gemzar, and about 3:30pm went to Banner for type and crossmatch 2 units of blood; Thursday at 8:00am at Banner for 2 units of blood, rested after; Friday fasted, had NAC, DCA, IPT w/o Gemzar – tired and slept early after; Saturday had Chelation to remove heavy metal out of my body;

March 9 – 15, 2009 = Tuesday CA125 = 68 points up 27 points  from last Monday – very stressfull weekend due to dehydration, low potassium due lasix and IPT, nurse visit then to ER for admission, transfused 1 unit of platelets plus 2 liters of IV fluids – changed D5half NS, increase in tumor marker maybe due to glucose; discharged 9th at 4:30 pm, rested at apartment; Tuesday had ozone and ICAN, Mg+ plus lymphatic massage, 2 shots WG, 1qt. GJ; Wednesday fast, high dose Vit. C 110gm, ALA, 2 shots WG, break from GJ; Thursday fast, colonic therapy, ozone therapy, ICAN, Mg+, 2 shots WG, break from GJ; appt. with Cindy Lewis – rapid eye tech/hypnotherapy to help me with GJ; Friday high dose Vit. C 110gm, ALA, Mg+, platelets down to 23 to ER as direct admit for 2 units platelets transfusion; discharged 9:30 am Saturday – cancelled Chelation therapy, clinic to see friends, church at 5:00 pm, tired at church, went home rested;

March 16 – 18, 2009 = Monday at 0730 hours – Banner infusion clinic for 2 units of platelets; back to clinic at 11:00 am for lymphatic massage, then high dose Vitamin C, ALA; Tuesday fast, Ozone therapy, ICAN, Mg+; CA125 is 60 points down 8 points from last Monday; platelets up to 117 after 2 units of platelets; Wednesday had 2 units of RBC early morning, then left for Carson, California at 6:55 pm for minbreak from March 18th till 30th.

March 27, 2009 = Feeling weak, not able to drink enough fluids and green juice, nausea and vomiting – went to ER Kaiser – had a liter and a half saline, platelets are 45,000, all other labs are okay, went home stronger.

March 28, 2009 = My 64th birthday relatives, in-laws, friends came brought food, had a lot of fun. Was not tempted by traditional food;

March 30, 2009 = left early to meet our pilot at Torrance Airport – Angel Flight – twin-engine 4 seater plane to Chandler Airport. Left at 8:30 am , arrived at 10:45 am, it was an enjoyable flight – my first time in a small plane; went to clinic for my lab works then went back to apartment, rested and slept good. Tuesday = high dose Vitamin C, ALA, Colonic Hydrotherapy; struggling with green juice again, eating okay; 04/01/09 Wednesday = fast, CA125 is 72 up 12 points from March 18th or 20 % increase, resumed IPT w/DCA, a little tire otherwise okay; Thursday = Fast, O3x2, ICAN,Mg+; hypnotherapy session to resolve fear of green juice; Infrared therapy for 15 minutes; Friday = Fast, IPT w/DCA ; despite increased in tumor marker, my bone marrow has recovered so I am feeling better; drank 1.5 quarts of green juice; Saturday = Chelation to remove heavy metals to boost my immune system; tired after, home early drank 1 quart of green juice, ate well, continue feeling comfortable without pain, a little nauseous but no vomiting, slept after scriptures reading with Bob;

April 6 – 12, 2009 = Monday= had usual high dose of Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, CA125 is 89 points up 17 points or 24% from last Monday, feeling comfortable without pain, tumors in my breast continue to shrink now very small and no pain, had 1.5 quarts green juice; Tuesday = Fast, NAC, IPT/DCA, Complex Minerals, 2.5 quarts green juice, Colonic Hydrotherapy with Coffee; Wednesday = Lymphatic Massage, high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, 2 quarts green juice, 2 shots wheat grass, did well; Thursday = Fast, NAC, IPT/DCA, Complex Minerals, went home feeling energetic, clean apartment, overexerted myself, n/v weak after, 1.5 quarts green juice; Friday = Fast, Ozone X2, ICAN, Mg+, Colon Hydrotherapy w/ Coffee, Infrared Therapy, 1.5 quarts green juice; Saturday = didn’t sleep good Friday night, n/v, feeling a little weak this morning, deferred Chelation for 1.5 Liters of normal saline for hydration, am comfortable however- feeling weird/afraid, Bob very loving/supportive/comforting – God delivered me, slept after taking sleep med, n/v deferred green juice; Sunday =

April 13 – 19, 2009 = Monday= had high dose of Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, 1.5 quarts green juice; very good day; Tuesday= CA125 is 72 down 17 points from last Monday or 19%, Fast, had NAC, IPTw/DCA, Complex Minerals, 2 quarts green juice, 2 shots wheat grass; Wednesday = PET Scan for restaging at 0945, thereafter had low dose Vitamin C 50grams, 2 quarts green juice, felt tired in the afternoon, some nausea/vomiting, continue to have no pain tumors now very small and feeling comfortable; Thursday = Fasting, Colonic w/ coffee, NAC, IPT w/DCA, Complex Minerals, 2 quarts green juice, neupogen injection, rested, some nausea/vomiting, lucky for me no more tumor pain to deal with; Friday = Fast , lymphatic massage, infrared therapy, ozone x2 therapy, ICAN, Mg+, met Dr. Lodi to review PET Scan results = show excellent improvement to almost close to normal compared to September PET, felt very happy and excited for God’s blessings, will discuss treatment plan when Dr. Lodi comes back, prospect of going home is very exciting, exciting day for myself, my family and entire clinic; Saturday = didn’t have a good night sleep, tired, I expended lots of energy Friday because I felt so good and I forget that I am not suppose to work, stomach ache relieved by good trip to bathroom, clinic for Chelation, tired, rested, some nausea/vomiting, but no pain, appettite good, study the Scriptures with Bob, slept after. Sunday = rest

April 20 – 26, 2009 = Monday =CA125 is 63 points down by 9 points or 13% from last Monday due glucose used with PET/CT Scan, had lymphatic massage, high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, 2 quarts green juice; Tuesday = fast, colonic with implant, NAC, IPT w/DCA, at 3 pm type/cross match 2 RBC, 2 units platelets transfusion to correct low platelets and hgb/hct before going home to Carson; Wednesday 0800 transfusion clinic for 2 units RBC; back to clinic for lab works = results normal range – feeling energetic, upbeat; Thursday fast, colonic hydrotherapy, NAC, IPTw/DCA, Friday fast, ozone therapy x2, ICAN, Mg+, feeling good, went shopping for wig; Saturday Chelation =removal of heavy metals; Sunday =rough day today – detoxifying symptoms, however I am managing myself well, study scriptures with Bob.

April 27 – May 3, 2009 = Monday CA125, lab works drawn, Lymphatic Massage, high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA – did well; went to apt. rested – 2 quarts green juice; Tuesday = fast, Colonic Hydrotherapy, CA125 result is 50 down 13 points or 21% from last Monday, had NAC, IPT w/DCA ; Wednesday = Vitamin C 110gram, ALA; Thursday = fast, Colonic Hydrotherapy, NAC, IPT w/ DCA & CAGT; Lymphatic Massage; Friday = fast, Ozone x2, ICAN, Mg+; Physical Therapy; Saturday = Chelation, detoxification symptoms; Sunday = rest, detoxifying symptoms -no pain, cough, lousy, poor appetite;

May 4 – 10, 2009 = Monday CA125, lab works drawn, usual high dose Vitamin C 110 gram, ALA, Colonic w/ implant, coffee; meeting w/ Dr. Lodi – treatment plan to reduce tumor markers, preparation for home; Tuesday = CA125 45 down 5 points from last Monday, fast, Lymphatic Massage, NAC, IPT w/DCA, CAGT; Wednesday = early high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, 2 units of platelets transfusion at Banner Desert; Thursday fast, NAC, IPT w/DCA, CAGT, CM, feeling good; Friday = fast, Ozone x2 therapy, ICAN, Mg+, Saturday = Chelation, detoxification side effects – coughing but no pain, lousy, poor appetite – scriptures; Sunday = resting, feeling comfortable, struggling with detoxification. Dr. Lodi said this is normal.

May 11 – 17, 2009 = Monday = CA125 is 49 up 4 points from last Monday, had usual high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, still having detox side effects but better; Tuesday fast, Colonic Hydrotherapy w/ coffee, NAC, IPT w/DCA-CAGT, CM, feeling weak – dehydrated – extra IV fluids plus B Complex, B12, felt better after; hemoglobin and platelets low normal – 2 units of platelets and type and crossmatch 3 units RBC at noon on Wednesday; Thursday= 0700 started 3 units RBC transfusion; went back to apartment and rested; Friday = fast, colonic hydrotherapy, NAC, IPT w/DCA-CCAT, CM; a little tired, rested; Saturday = fell off bed hit forehead against drawer, chest against trash container, hematoma in forehead; fast, ozone therapy x2, ICAN, Mg+, colonic hydrotherapy, lymphatic massage, rested thereafter;

May 18 – 24, 2009 = Monday CA125 is 46 points down 3 points from last Monday, had usual high dose Vitamin C 110 grams, ALA, Lymphatic Massage; Tuesday = Colonic  deferred; had Ozone therapy x2, ICAN, Mg+, coughing more than a week now but no fever – sputum yellowish; Wednesday instead of high dose Vitamin C, had Ozone therapy x2, ICAN, MG+, not feeling good, coughing with diminished breath sounds LLL, Dr. Lodi – x-ray show pneumonia – ambulance to Banner Desert – admitted, put on IV antibiotics May 20 – 23rd – discharged home on Saturday afternoon; Sunday is rest and recuperation, weak but feeling better, continue my oral Levaquin for another 7 days;

May 25 – 31, 2009 = Monday CA125, other lab. works, no treatment today – Memorial Day; Tuesday =CA125 is 352 points up 306 points increase from last Monday; fasting today, had Ozone Therapy x2, ICAN, Mg+, Freamine infusion, and 3 units of Platelets transfusion, WBC within normal range; Wednesday fast, NAC, IPT w/DCA, Freamine infusion; still weak due to pneumonia but recovering; Thursday fasting, Ozone therapy x2, ICAN, Mg+, freamine infusion, Physical Therapy with Oxygen 100% able to do almost 6 minutes, very tired after, went home rested; Friday fast, had Colonic Hydrotherapy with results, NAC, IPT w/DCA, Complex Minerals; had Physical Therapy w/ 100% oxygen for 12 1/2 minutes twice as much as I did yesterday; had meeting w/ Dr. Lodi – plan to discontinue IPTs next two weeks to help rebuild my immune system in preparation for going home to Carson California; Robert will administer my high dose Vitamin C, H2O2, and be on oral chelation; then do follow up Ozone Therapy weekly, plan to do weekly Colonic Hydrotherapy, and maybe Ozone Therapy in San Diego; Saturday is Chelation day, became tired, my oxygen saturation on room air was 88%, with oxygen at 3L/min saturation up to 98%, Dr. Lodi allowed me to take Oxygen Concentrator home, pulse oximeter and bring it back on Monday. Sunday rest and recuperation, oxygen helps a lot, also Dr. Lodi restarted Azithromycin 250 mg Zpack for 5 days to completely resolved the pneumonia.

June 1 – 7, 2009 = Monday CA125 & other labs drawn(bob took specimen to the laboratory), feeling weak this morning, deferred high dose Vitamin C, instead I was given IV nutrition -Freamine, Vitamin C 50 grams, Minerals and fluids, had Colonic Hydrotherapy -had constipation fair results, plan to do another Colonic tomorrow, went to Simon Med for 2 view chest x-ray to check status of Left Lower Lobe Pneumonia; resolved; Bob and I feel everything happens for a reason; perhaps God has a different plan for my life,  so we decided to go home and be with family and leave the rest to God. However, I believe God healed me, the pneumonia is just another test or trial for myself, Bob and our family, so we head for home and enjoy the life God has given us ; 




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