Health In Our Modern Age


The times that we are living in are trying and strenuous. Especially after maturity, the strain of modern living shows itself in wear and tear on the individual organism, bringing about disability for many, catastrophe for some.

The medical profession has achieved much scientific progress on diagnostic methods, but on the care of the sick body and on the care of the well body, success has been limited. Why this should be so is a problem that I have been concerned with throughout my years of practice as a Registered Nurse.

Treatment with a minimum of medication is what I have seen that works for many years. The sick need pure air, wholesome food, kind nursing care, gentle service by attendants, nurses and physicians.

Wholesome food for the person who is impaired in health consists of fresh fruit juices and raw vegetable juices until he is relieved of symptoms. When a person is distressed physically, mentally or emotionally, the liquid diet, consisting of these natural elixirs of life—raw freshly made fruit and vegetable juices—will bring him back to normal sooner than the taking of drugs for sedation, hypnosis or overstimulation.

When the body is tense or fatigued, it must be relaxed by means of a light diet. Such a diet should exclude the ordinary staples—milk, coffee, bread, cereals, eggs—for a period of a few days to a few weeks. This is a new health-building method: by cleansing the body of retained wastes, instead of allowing it to deteriorate with irritating, unnecessary foods and poisonous drugs. 

 Faulty food is a basic cause of the chronic diseases. Faulty food not only affects the digestive structures by irritation, inflammation, ulceration and neoplastic changes, but also affects the entire biochemistry of the organism.

"We are what we eat" applies universally. One who lives on bread, meat, gravy, potatoes, coffee, and liquors, plus condiments such as pepper, mustard and vinegar, ultimately pays with constitutional health impairment, because these eatables deplete the tissues of the body of chemicals essential to health. Another who lives on raw salad, raw fresh fruits, well-chosen proteins and starches, who uses no condiments, will be a different kind of product. The vegetarian who knows how to choose his food presents a better picture of health than the average individual who subsists on ordinary mixed diets. Flowers, fruits and vegetables that are nurtured by an adequately chemicalized soil will be finer products when full-grown than those that are poorly or inadequately grown and cared for.



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