What Cancer Taught Us

1. Cancer Cell are metabolically primitive. Why? Because they are no longer capable of using oxygen like other cells in the human body when they "burn" glucose(sugar) for energy needed for them to live and multiply, and are therefore greatly handicapped. Otto Warburg who earned the Nobel Prize in Medicine in 1931 discovered that cancer cells metabolizes anaerobically(in the absence of oxygen). So when a healthy cell is deprived of 35% of its oxygen for 48 hours, it will likely become cancerous.
2. Cancer Cells have biochemical defects like deficiency or complete absence of certain enzymes such as catalase, leaving them quite primitive.
3. How do Cancer Cells kill us? Cancer cells produce toxins in our body.
       a. When toxins accumulate, our normal cells become overwhelmed and are no longer able to defend themselves.
       b. Toxins damage our normal cells mitochondria(oxygen driven energy factories within cells);
       c.  Damage to our normal cells eventually changes the DNA of the cell and mutation occurs;
       d.  Causes our body to lose many important enzyme systems;
       e.  Metabolic waste from these mutated, anaerobic cells results in an acidic environment;
       f.  Our immune system is unable to function adequately under these circumstances;
       g.  Cancer Cells divide and multiply which accelerate the acidic environmental changes;
       h.  Electrical energy pathways become blocked or clogged and our normal cells lose their ability to store energy.
NOTE: All of us are borne with cancer cells in our bodies.
There are three aspects of killing cancer and healing us of not only cancer but also other diseases.
1. You and I must STOP MAKING CANCER. How? We will go over that later.
2.  Selectively target and destroy cancer without harming the person (us).
3.  Enhance our immune system

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