Are You Going Through Hard Times?

The Value of Hard Places

2 Corinthians 4:12
So then, death is at work in us, but life is at work in you.

Being forced into hard places gives us a whole new perspective on life. Things we once valued no longer hold the same value. Small things become big things, and what we once thought big no longer holds such importance.

These hard places allow us to identify with the sufferings of others. It keeps us from having a shallow view of the hardships of others and allows us to truly identify with them. Those who speak of such trials from no experience often judge others who have had such hardship. It is a superficiality of Christian experience that often permeates shallow believers.

Those who have walked in hard places immediately have a kinship with others who have walked there also. They do not need to explain; they merely look at one another with mutual respect and admiration for their common experience. They know that illnesses, pain and sufferings, and death has worked a special thing in them. This death leads to life in others because of the hard places God has taken them through.

It is impossible to appreciate any valley experience while you and I are in it. However, once you and I have reached the top of the mountain, we are able to appreciate what terrain we have passed through. You and I marvel at what we were able to walk through. The valley of the shadow of illness, pain and sufferings, and death has yielded more than we ever thought possible. You and I are able to appreciate the beauty of the experience and lay aside the sorrow and pain it may have produced.

Hard times, illness, pain and suffering, even death works in us for a greater purpose. If you are there today, be assured that God is producing something of much greater value than you will ever know.


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