Above all, we thank God for while we’re unworthy sinners because we’ve sinned in our thoughts, our words, in what we do, and in what we fail to do, God the Father send his Son Jesus Christ who is sinless to bear our sins, suffered and died on the cross to wipe out our sins and reconcile us with God. God the Father defeated the power of death by raising his son Jesus Christ from death to give us a free gift of eternal life. Before Jesus resurrection, He left us with God Holy Spirit which indwells in our hearts to guide us in all we do. Now our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ is seated with God the Father advocating and interceding for us all. To become children of God, we believe and trust in what Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior and surrender our lives to him completely.
We praise and thank God for His love and mercy. We thank and praise God for our families, relatives, and friends. We thank and praise God for another day. And we ask God to help us hear and understand His will, help us overcome our human limitations because of our pride, ego, greed, anger, fears and doubts; help us make choices and decisions that will bring glory to His Holy Name.

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